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Steve V.

WalknChair Customer Testimonial

About 9 years ago I was working my way out of a wheelchair. I had given my shotguns and hunting equipment to my 4 sons because I knew that my days of walking around we’re basically all behind me. I could walk the 108′ to my shop sometimes in 2 two phases, sometimes I could make it all the way. I live on a small acreage and we had lost our dog. We had rescued a another dog just to as a companion. Add about 3 months, my dog Layla part German shorthair, 3/4, part Labrador, 1/4 Was in the yard pointing everything she saw especially butterflies. She would point for long extended periods of time and to watch her was tearing my heart out. She needed to hunt. Myself as a avid hunter of upland birds and waterfowl Would be watching her remembering the many great days I’ve had outdoors. I couldn’t stand it any longer I came into the house got on the computer and searched all terrain walkers that was my start. In the mix of products I found the walk-n-chair was one of them and the research started from there. I contacted Nick and had a few conversations and in a short period of time I had one delivered to my home. Well my dogs training started there and this great dog, that was given to, me became a companion. Let’s update what this is done for me.

I started out with a few steps here and a few steps there pushing a Walker taking my dog out to the field. Remember when I started I could go a 108′ to my shop and not always make it there. Eventually I was walking to my shop and back and then I was out in the field pushing my Walker with my dog. This all started in the Spring and by the opening the a pheasant season around the 20th of September my dog and I We’re ready to go. I could hunt about 15 minutes and then I would stop and rest then push along for another 5 or 10 minutes. Maybe get dizzy a little then stop and rest, and that’s how we started. That 1st day we shot a rooster it was a wonderful feeling and my dog was so excited. By the end of that season I was walking up to 4 miles in A-day pushing in the sage brush of the Eastern Washington and the tall grass of Western Washington. This was a great excuse to buy a new shotgun since I had given mine away to my kids and then a goose gun, why not. Well that was a few years back sense then we’ve been on vacations to and California with our granddaughter’s and many other trips taking the walk-n-chair. It folds down into a small unit and the airport people love it. I’ve taken it to the beach and looked at the tide pools. We’ve taken it to various waterfalls and trails. I’ve worn out one bearing on 1 wheel and other than that it’s been stellar. The bearing was quickly replaced from the factory but for me it was a “badge of honor” to be able to get outdoors again and use it enough to wear out a wheel. That was a wonderful experience.

My longest day outdoors was 7.2 miles in Eastern Washington hunting and the following day I did over 4 miles
Thank you very much Nick for inventing this great product and for being a quality person. dealing with you has been great. As a 100% disabled veteran of Vietnam I’ve had many opportunities to show off my Walker .

Thanks again,
Steve Valentine

Steve V.

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