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Configure the Walk’n’Chair for activities such as fishing, hunting, exploring trails, or attending outdoor events by reversing the seat and basket so that the bigger wheels are forward.


Transform the Walk’n’Chair into a rolling walker capable of handling uneven outdoor terrain such as dirt trails, grass, gravel, or even snow-covered walkways.

More VideosBuy Walk’n’Chair15 Days Free Trial!Lightweight and Foldable

Walk’n’Chair is only 35 lbs. lighter than most wheelchairs.
The Walk’n’Chair is also foldable so it can be easily put in the trunk of your car.

All-Terrain Rolling Walker

If you get tired, all you have to do is set the brakes and sit down to rest.

Versatile Design

Easily convert your Walk’n’Chair into three different configurations depending on your specific needs. Adjust your footrests, handles, and seat cushion for a personalized comfortable fit.

Safe and Stable

Use your Walk’n’Chair like a regular wheelchair or a rolling walker. The brake locking mechanism ensures the chair will stay safely in place.