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Features & Benefits

Manual/Transport Wheelchair & Rolling Walker

Use your Walk’n’Chair like a regular wheelchair or rolling walker. As a wheelchair, adjustable foot rests and handles allow you to customize the set up to your comfort.


In this configuration, you can use the wheelchair manually or as a transport chair. Our design also makes it easy for you to quickly transition to using the Walk’n’Chair as a rolling walker, with a large basket for carrying your personal items and brakes that lock in place for greater stability.

Walk’n’Chair has high value and/or use for physical rehab and ambulatory care.

All Terrain Wheelchair

Configure the Walk’n’Chair for activities such as fishing, hunting, exploring trails, or attending outdoor events by reversing the seat and basket so that the bigger wheels are forward. Like the all terrain rolling walker mode, this provides ultimate stability during your outdoor activities while at the same time allowing someone to assist you if needed.

From the All Terrain walker mode, set the brakes, push up the foot rests, and turn the handles out.
Next flip the seat to reverse the direction, take the basket off and reattach it.

All-Terrain Rolling Walker

Transform the Walk’n’Chair into a rolling walker capable of handling uneven outdoor terrain such as dirt trails, grass, gravel, or even snow-covered walkways. Using the Walk’n’Chair with the large wheels forward lets you navigate any of these surfaces with ease.

To convert the chair, simply pull out the handles and turn them to face forward.

Next, raise the footrests, and you have a walker capable of rolling over virtually any type of surface.

If you get tired, all you have to do is set the brakes and sit down to rest. If you decide to use the chair manually, lock down your footrests, release the brakes and you are ready to roll.

Lightweight and Easy to Transport

Walk’n’Chair is only 35 lbs. – lighter than most wheelchairs – which makes it easy to transport.

To collapse the chair, make sure it is in the regular configuration.

Next, fold the seat down, pull up and the entire chair folds to fit easily into the back of your car.


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