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The Walk'n'Chair Wheelchair Walker Combo
Steve is a 100% disabled Viet Nam veteran and here is his brief story dealing with his physical limitations and the motivation which drove him to continue the outdoor pursuits he loves.

Several years ago Steve began working his way out of a wheelchair. He struggled to walk one-hundred feet to his shop and back which had to be accomplished in several phases .

Steve was an avid hunter and he had given away his guns and hunting equipment as he knew his days of walking around were behind him. He also lost his hunting dog and got a rescue dog as a companion. The dog had bloodlines from bird hunting breeds. He watched the dog “point” at anything in the air especially butterflies. Watching her point for extended periods of time really bothered Steve as he remembered his days in the field and he knew the dog had to hunt as it was in her blood.

So, began the search for a walking device that would allow him to hopefully once again pursue his outdoor love of bird hunting with his dog.

Enter the Walk’n’Chair. Steve started with a few steps at a time with the Walk’n’Chair and gradually progressed to where he could go to his shop and back without having to stop and rest. He then began going afield with his dog and hunting for short periods of time and distances. He would have to stop and rest and then continue but by the end of bird hunting season which usually lasts a couple of months he was walking four miles a day in brush and grass in Washington State with his longest daily trek being seven plus miles. That part of the mission accomplished.

In addition to hunting Steve has traveled many miles with his wife and granddaughters to beaches, tidal pools, waterfalls and trails.

His “badge of honor” with the Walk’n’Chair is that he wore out one of the wheel bearings on the device.

The Walk'n'Chair Wheelchair Walker Combo

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