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Victoria’s Story

Good morning friends! Here’s a little update on my life: I can get around the house using only one crutch or my Walk’n’Chair! Woohoo! I know this doesn’t sound like much but I haven’t properly walked in almost 5 months now so every tiny victory is worth celebrating. I had an X-ray on my leg and all the metal and bones are strait! (Rods the entire length of my femur and tibia and a plate on the lower fibula) My lower tibia was shattered and the metal was placed twice so it’s REALLY GOOD to see it fixed! Almost all my wounds are closed so countdown to getting a piggy back ride from Jamin Marshall down to the ocean and getting dumped in the water! I have been dreaming about swimming again since December……..🐠🐠🐠. Thank you so much for all the prayers of love and strength you have been sending my way, I can feel it! Although a large part of my left heel is gone forever, it looks like with continued physical therapy and muscle building I will walk again someday. Maybe even hold down a job! I just have to believe in the magic of the universe 🔮 good thing I am ‪#‎partunicorn‬


Victoria is still in recovery and working to pay her medical bills outside of the United States.

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